Wedding Services

Your wedding day is a very special day! We create memorable weddings using the best production, planning, design, dining and entertainment that reflect your personality and values.

Photography & Videography

Wedding pictures are the most wonderful and lasting memory of your big day! Our wedding photographers, such as Tatyana Churina, Evgeniya Ovsyannikova & many others, will capture the highlights of your special day in Czechia and this is why we opt to work with only the best local and European professionals. You can always be sure they will capture the best pictures possible on your wedding day in a preferable style: from photojournalistic to traditional posed portraits.
We are certain you will love your wedding photos and share your memories from Czechia when you return home!

Wedding Video is the timeless wedding keepsake. We work with professionals who are able to capture the special moments of your big day and make it truly an unforgettable experience. A video is a great way to present your unique wedding back to family and friends.
Our videographers will create for you a short video clip or real wedding movie: coverage can include the final touches of your preparation, departure in amazing vintage car from your hotel, the highlights of your wedding ceremony, afterwards a few shots from the toast to your future happiness, as well as a few scenes taken in the historical city locations, and finally will memorize your smashing reception.
You are welcomed to personalize your wedding video with your favorite song or music.

Hairstyling & Beauty

It is not a secret that the Bride attracts a lot of attention on the wedding day, that’s why it’s so important to choose the right combination of the wedding hairstyle, wedding dress, jewelry, wedding bouquet and wedding make-up and all that in addition has to emphasize the natural beauty of the Bride.
Our experts will advise and pick up the best option of the wedding hair style and make-up or will make previously selected hair dress and make-up that will create the desired image of the Bride. For your confidence in hair style and make-up flawless performance on the wedding day, you can also have the trial hair dress and make-up before the wedding. Repetition is usually held in the beauty salon, where you can carefully discuss all possible options with our excellent specialists. They will help you to create an image of a charming and unique Bride, the most beautiful in the world, in which you will see your future husband on the day of your celebration!
On the wedding day, our specialists will come to your hotel, so everything will be done on time!
Our advice: if you already have a selected option of hair styles, please send us a photo of it or bring it with you to a wedding. It is also desirable to have with you the photo of the wedding dresses and the wedding bouquet.

Additional beauty services, such as manicure, pedicure, any kind of massages or spa treatments are also available on request.

Flowers & Décor

Flowers are an essential element of the wedding day! They will help to create a festive and romantic atmosphere and will highlight all the solemnity of such a special event. Our florists would be happy to make for you a variety of flower arrangements so the celebration will be according to your wishes and style of the wedding:

Any flower arrangement is always selected individually to visually emphasize the natural beauty of the wedding couple and create a romantic mood and of course do not forget about the wedding traditions!

Bridal Dressing service

If you wish to keep it simple, you can rent or buy your dress at one of the carefully chosen and recommended by us wedding stores. Renting of the Bridal clothing in Czechia is a quite regular practice and the selection of gowns is in general large.

We also cooperate with famous local designer who can create the really unique dress specially for you!

Whether you see yourself walking down the aisle in a traditional white gown or unusual funky wedding dress, you will get it.

Don’t settle for anything less – your wedding dress will be the highlight of the wedding. We will also help you to rent or buy accessories such as veils, original hair pieces, headbands and jewelry.

Wedding sweets

The wedding cake plays an important role in the marriage celebration and it is the focal point for the wedding feast. We can provide you with a large selection of wedding cakes ranging from more novelty cakes to the traditional rich wedding cakes with a variety of fillings such as:

All cakes are freshly baked and designed by acclaimed professional chefs. We will help you to select the perfect wedding cake so it reflects the theme and style of your wedding.

Sweet bar (or candy bar) has become a hit lately and is ultimate fun. It will add colors and personal touch to your wedding. All it takes is a table with sweets and candies on display in various glass bowls and jars of different shapes and heights, all decorated to fit into your wedding theme. Sweet bar can also provide wedding favors at your wedding.

We will help you create the look of your sweet bar and choose the right sweets prepared by our professional pastry chefs – such as cupcakes, macaroons and lollypops.

Music & Entertainment

Music plays important role in all wedding ceremonies but also contributes the atmosphere of your reception. Across cultures and religions, music is almost always at the center of celebrations. And nothing brings people together like a great groove. Cosmopolites‘ Wedding Agency is here to orchestrate for you professional musicians that can add that special touch to your big day.

Cosmopolites‘ Wedding Agency will be pleased to arrange the best Entertainment for your wedding reception based on the style of your wedding. Ranging from caricaturist to a light or fire-show, we will schedule entertainment that will make you happy. You can enliven your wedding e.g. with dance or historical show. During your photo session your guests can enjoy a Boat or Yacht Cruise. And the firework will make the WOW effect to any wedding!

Wedding reception

Every couple has their unique idea about their wedding reception. From an intimate dinner for two to splendid gala dinner and party, we will organize your wedding celebration accordingly, reflecting your style and budget. As part of our planning service we would recommend a selection of reception venues to fit the vision for your day and can arrange for you to view those shortlisted.


We offer a wide variety of transportation services to certainly suit any taste and budget!

Horse & Carriage
Fulfill the dreams of your romantic wedding by a horse drawn carriage. Impassioned from the resonating rhythm of the horse’s clop, comes the feeling of a time in the distant past. For a memorable arrival to your ceremony you can hire horse and carriage, all the while adding to the romance and beauty of your special day.
We can arrange horse and cart transfers in different venues to incorporate the true spirit of Medieval Czechia into your day! Please, make a request to make sure the service is available at the location of your choice.

Vintage Cars
Cosmopolites‘ Wedding Agency offers you unique vintage cars to complement the romantic and historical atmosphere of Czechia. A vintage car lets you arrive in style at your ceremony, and will provide you with an ideal backdrop for your wedding photos. You are welcomed to choose the car’s color to match your wedding color theme. Sightseeing trips around the city can be also arranged for your guests.
Please, make a request to make sure the service is available at the location of your choice.

Luxury Cars
For a memorable arrival to your big day we offer you a fine selection of luxury cars. We can also tailor our services to your specific requirements, e.g. chilled champagne or music arrangements.

Guest & Airport Transport
We will ensure that your guests arrive on time on your special day. Selection of cars including luxury cars, taxi services, and mini-buses are all at your disposal for your guests or airport transport.


We will arrange your accommodation as per your requirements to ensure for you a wonderful and relaxing wedding experience in Czechia. Cosmopolites’ Wedding will be happy to provide you with range of the locations where you can also have ALL-IN-ONE wedding: ceremony, reception and accommodation in one place, such as villas, chateaus or relais.

We also invite you to request with us a hotel or luxury apartment according to your style and needs in the selected part of Czechia, where the best price is guaranteed. In case you are interested in some particular accommodation to stay, please, contact us for more details, special deals and booking.

Legal assistance

Civil and Religious Weddings in Czechia are fully recognized by respective legal systems for all the nationalities from around the world. A Marriage Certificate is sent to each client within 4 weeks after the ceremony via post, as a legal proof of the marriage.

Cosmopolites‘ Wedding Agency will assist you in obtaining all the required documentation enabling you to become legally married in Czechia. We will provide you with detailed guideline how and where to request and collect required documents in the country of your origin.

Guests service

Since your wedding is a unique occasion where your family and guests travel to be together, you surely wish to offer more than just the ceremony as the purpose to travel to Czech Republic. It is for this reason that guest activities are one of the most important ingredients of a destination wedding. We recommend to dedicate one of few days for the additional activities to make an unforgettable time for everyone.
Cosmopolites‘ Wedding Agency would be happy to assist your wedding guests while they are in Czechia, in order to help them to arrange: